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Who's Performing?


    WAR and Fourplay, along with Marc Antoine and many more will perform LIVE at the 3rd Annual Orlando Food and Wine Fest!

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    Saturday, November 13th
    2:00p to 3:00p - Loria Brothers

    Talented vocalists and musicians Mark and Dominick Loria have been entertaining audiences since childhood, most recently performing professionally in separate bands and ensembles including the popular Central Florida band My Generation.

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    3:30p to 4:30p - The Redcoats

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    5:00p to 6:30p - Jose Valentino

    José captures the audience’s attention because he brings music from all parts of the world and fuses it all together. "Overall I just want to bring people together with's something that all people of all ages seem to agree on and if I have made someone's day better, I know I'm doing something right.”

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    7:30p to 9:00p - WAR

    From the late-'60s all the way to the present day, Los Angeles-based WAR played the music that made people dance and think. Fusing rock, Latin rhythms, funk, blues, jazz, and soul into a distinctive sound all their own,WAR, the self-described Afro-Cuban-rock-jazz-blues band, was a righteous force coming straight out of "the neighborhood."

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    Sunday, November 14th
    1:00p to 1:45p - Lyman HS Jazz Band

    Those who see and hear the Lyman High School Band perform realize they are listening to a very special group of talented people where the sound and energy each student brings affects the performance of the whole band.

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    2:30p to 4:00p - Marc Antoine

    Guitarist, producer and composer Marc Antoine has had a guitar in his hands since the age of 11, and has not been able to put it down since. His love and passion for music ahave helped him to overcome adversity to reach the success he knows today.

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    5:00p to 6:30p - Fourplay 

    For two decades, the contemporary jazz quartet known as Fourplay has enjoyed consistent artistic and commercial success by grafting elements of R&B, pop and a variety of other sounds to their unwavering jazz foundations.

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