• Looking for a gold 5s?

    Apple has had quite a week! After releasing the 5s and 5c, they sold a record-breaking 9 million iPhones and cannot seem to keep the shelves stocked. If you order the 5c right now, it will ship within 24 hours. However, it's pricier counterpart will not ship until sometime in October. Only 35% of Apple stores nationwide have the 5s in stock. Analyst, Gene Munster believes there could be an even greater delay than October if history repeats itself with Apple. "By comparison, the iPhone 5 did not reach supply/demand equilibrium based on online shipping times until early December. It appears that the 5S could follow the same pattern based on early ship time tracking," said Munster. The gold version of the 5s seems to be the runaway hit for Apple and the hardest to get your hands on. Perhaps Raffi Jaharian can help those of you that in search of a gold 5s... you only will need to pay double for it! ;)