How moBistro Works

  • moBistro makes it quick and easy to setup your mobile website. Just follow these steps:


    Create an account on Create your username and password and provide the name of your business.


    Add Business Details: Add your company's location(s), address(es), and phone number(s). You can have an unlimited number of locations.


    Add Menus: Add menus, menu categories and menu items. You can even add menu item descriptions and pictures. (Not just for restaurants. ie: Salons can use this to provide information on services offered & pricing. Get creative with it!)


    Add Other Information: Add virtually unlimited “other information” like company description, "About Us", Philosophy or Mission Statement, anything you want your customers to know about!


    Add Branding: Add your company logo (header) and a custom background picture, or use Hex Color Codes to recreate your desktop website's look.

    Add Device-detection Script: Add a small script on your website to make sure that your mobile users see the mobile-friendly version of the website. If you do not have a website, you will skip this step and we will provide you with a URL.

    Preview and Launch: Finally, preview the site, make necessary adjustments, and launch the site.

    That’s it. It can take as little as 15 minutes.